The Top Ten Reasons to Hire a Professional Matchmaker

10 Reasons for a matchmaker.jpg
  1. You don’t have time to date. Hiring a matchmaker gives busy professionals the opportunity  to date with purpose.
  2. You feel lonely. Everyone has a need for companionship. Choosing to work with a matchmaker will jumpstart your dating life and provide a social environment for you to build relationships.
  3. You have not been in a serious relationship in at least a year and your career is acting as  a place holder.  A Matchmaker can help you assess and reach your relationship goals. You can have it all.
  4. You’ve been unsuccessful meeting quality people on online dating sites. Matchmakers screen each introduction on your behalf to ensure that individuals share your values and interests.
  5. Your relationship goal is long term commitment or marriage. Matchmakers only work with individuals who want to be in a committed relationship.
  6. You want to feel connected and empowered. The matchmaking process is an introspective journey of self discovery.
  7. You want to mingle with interesting and like-minded individuals. Matchmakers have social events as a way to introduce clients to potential matches.
  8. You’re tired of being the third wheel. Hanging with your friend and their significant other is fun occasionally, but you’re ready to create your own relationship happiness.
  9. You want honest feedback about why he or she did want to go on a second date. Matchmakers will share feedback after each date and help refine your dating skills.
  10. You’ve given up on finding the one. Finding love is a numbers game. Stay encouraged by knowing that there is someone for everyone and your Matchmaker is determined to help you find them.
- With love,
Yolanda Kelly